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Motto in favor of Pakistan: Amulya Leona’s house was destroyed in Karnataka Shivapura | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: A group of activists allegedly associated with pro-Hindu organizations threw stones at Amulya Leona’s residence in Shivapura in the Chikkamagalur district of Karnataka. She is accused of raising the ‘slogan’ of Pakistan Zindabad ‘at an anti-CAA rally in Bangalore.
Koppa police reported that a group of people threw stones and other items at Amulya’s residence Thursday night. “We registered a case about it. The probe is on,” said a senior police officer.
Police protection was provided for Leona’s residence after the incident. The criminals who shared the images of the attack are escaping.

Meanwhile, Amulya’s father, Osvlad Narohna, apologized for the act of his daughter. “I apologize to the entire nation. I will not give you legal help,” he told reporters in Shivapura. She claimed that someone instigated her. “Leave her in jail for a few days. She will understand the law,” Narohna said, adding that she has not been in contact with the family for the past five or six days. I warned her against such provocative speeches. I will apologize for your act. I will not forgive my daughter.

Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa said some organizations are trying to disturb the peace in the state. He told reporters in Mysuru that such groups are instigating teenagers like Amulya to undertake anti-national activities. He said the police investigation has indicated that Amulya was associated with Maoist activities before.

The rally was organized by the head of AIMIM, Asaduddin Owaisi, on Thursday.
On video: Motto in favor of Pakistan: Amulya Leona’s house was destroyed

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