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Congress again in agitation on leadership | India News

NEW DELHI: After a brief pause, Congress was affected on Thursday by a new outbreak of discontent with demands that the party end the leadership vacuum, and senior parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor said elections will be held to fill the post of president and former president of the party. Minister Veerappa Moily asked for a “chintan baithak” to end the “organizational dream”.

The lawsuit came amid continued confusion over whether Rahul Gandhi was ready to resume the main job he left after the Lok Sabha debacle in May 2019 despite the rumor that there was no other candidate for responsibility and that I could convene a party conclave in April after the current budget session. However, Rahul’s assistants said that Gandhi’s offspring has not yet transmitted his mind.

Sonia Gandhi was appointed interim president by the Congress Working Committee in August 2019 after Rahul refused to withdraw her resignation despite general pleas, even when she reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with party officials, including the youngest, who did not do the same by resigning from the party positions. The atmosphere in the party is still bleak, despite the setbacks that BJP suffered in the state elections, most recently in Delhi.

In a tweet, Tharoor said: “I renew my call to the Congress Working Committee to hold leadership elections to energize workers and inspire voters.” He said the vote must be taken by 10,000 delegates from AICC and PCC to elect not only the head of the party but also the members of CWC. The suggestion comes at the moment when some party members feel that even if Rahul returned as president, there should be an elected CWC instead of a fully nominated one.

Former parliamentarian Sandeep Dikshit asked Congress veterans to move beyond Rahul and begin the process to end leadership limbo. Supporting him, Tharoor said the opinion was shared by the majority in Congress.

Former CM Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan said the party suffered immensely due to the nomination culture presented at the CWC after Sonia assumed the presidency in 1998 and demanded surveys for the 10 elected members of the CWC. “During the periods of possession of P V Narasimha Rao and Sitaram Kesri, there used to be surveys for the 10 CWC seats from which good leaders had emerged. The clique around Sonia Gandhi did not allow surveys to be conducted in all these years, because good leaders are not emerging, “he said.

In a reaction, the AICC frowned at the public comments made on the issue of leadership. Party spokesman Randeep Surjewala said that if Dikshit had spent so much energy on his parliamentary constituency in Delhi, Congress would have won the polls. It was speculated whether disciplinary action should be taken against those who speak.

While Tharoor’s demand for party polls seemed to suggest that a Gandhi no should be considered an option, as Rahul told the CWC when he resigned in May, a section of congressmen revived the clamor for Rahul’s return.

“Our demand is for Rahul Gandhi to return as party president,” said Shaktisinh Gohil, AICC in charge of Bihar and Delhi. Party secretary general Harish Rawat added: “Rahul should return as party leader. He gave up and impressed everyone the importance of responsibility. Now, there is a need to move things forward. ”

In recent months, requests to Rahul to change his mind have come from chief ministers Bhupesh Baghel, Ashok Gehlot and even veterans like A K Antony had weighed in his favor. Jyotiraditya Scindia recently highlighted the need in Congress for a “new mentality, a new style of work and a new ideology.” Jairam Ramesh also asked the party to reinvent himself and realize that he was in opposition.

On the contrary, some have said that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra could be the replacement if Rahul refused to change his mind about recovering superior work. A sense of exasperation is palpable as experts argue that the lack of sealing of the issue in the last six months has returned Congress to the crossroads in which it was found after the LS debacle.

Former Union Minister Veerappa Moily said: “The current dream cannot continue. The party must call important leaders of the states and the Center, and seek their opinion to get out of this deadlock. The question of leadership must be decided collectively. ”

According to him, a “chintan baithak” is required to exchange views on the revival of the party, adding that Congress should be fighting in shape by 2023.

A key member of CWC admitted that there was an apathy in the decision-making front and that a resolution to the leadership puzzle had to be found.

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