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Amulya Leona: teenager accused of sedition by pro Pakistan slogans in Bangalore | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: A 19-year-old student activist, Amulya Leona Noronha, was arrested and reserved for sedition after she raised the slogan ‘Pakistan zindabad’ three times in her speech during an anti-CAA-NRC protest in downtown Bengaluru on Thursday . She shouted the slogan around 6.30 p.m. at a ‘Save Constitution’ meeting in Freedom Park.

The deputy of Hyderabad and head of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, Asaduddin Owaisi, who was on stage, immediately condemned the girl’s statement and said: “Murdabad to all those who raise such slogans (Pakistan zindabad)”.

Additional police commissioner (west) Soumendu Mukherjee said female police officers are interrogating Amulya, who is from Chikkamagaluru district. She was presented to a magistrate after midnight and was judicially detained for 14 days.

Surprised girl organizers of unsuspecting protests

We have ordered the organizers of the event and other interested parties to appear before the police for questioning, “he said. The incident took place around 6.30 p.m. In Freedom Park in the presence of Owaisi, who had come to address to the meeting under the motto of “Save Constitution.” The teenager began her speech with calls from ‘awaaz do’ three times, with crowds answering ‘hum ek hain’. Suddenly she broke into “Pakistan zindabad” shouts three times, and the crowd responded with “murdabad”, surprising the organizers.

The commotion reigned when the girl sang the motto for the second time. The organizers on stage tried to remove the microphone. An undeterred Amulya asked the meeting to sing with her. Then, he said: “Hindustan zindabad” and tried to explain something, but the police quickly took her backstage. It was soon taken from the place of protest.

In a video, his father, Waji Noronha, said he did not approve of his daughter’s slogans. “I had been warning her. The government should take action against it, ”he added.

BBMP’s corporation, Imran Pasha, said the activist was at the event without permission and that such slogans were raised to spoil the image of Owaisi.

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