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“56% of Indians trust Trump” | India News


WASHINGTON: There may not be a big trade deal, you won’t be able to buy Taj Mahal, and maybe only five thousand rupees, instead of five million, can appear to greet you in Ahmedabad. But the president of the United States, Donald Trump, should have reason to be excited about his trip to India when he discovers that his approval rating in the country has increased significantly from the moment he took office, in contrast to his numbers Gloomy in much of the world.

A Pew Research survey published Thursday before Trump’s visit to India shows that his image has gained popularity since his candidacy in 2016, going from 14% confidence to 56% in three years. These numbers, according to the survey, resemble those of his predecessor: before Barack Obama left office, 58% of Indians had confidence in him in world affairs, while 9% had no confidence and 33 % did not offer an opinion.

Apparently, the Indians maintained their advice when Trump took office, but his record in the position has galvanized his opinion in a positive territory, and those who volunteered “don’t know” or “didn’t respond” fell 67% in 2016 only 30 percent in mid-2019 when the vote was taken. As more Indians become familiar with Trump, his popularity is increasing, says the survey, attributing positivity in part to the Indian right, pejoratively referred to as “bhakts” in liberal circles and often compared to Trump’s MAGA base.

“Those who associate more with the Indian nationalist party Bharatiya Janata (BJP) of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are more likely than supporters of the opposition party of the Indian National Congress to express their confidence in Trump. (Those who are closer to the BJP are also more likely to offer an opinion), “says the survey without offering specific numbers for this statement.

However, when asked about their views on Trump’s policy on increasing tariffs or tariffs on goods imported from other countries, approximately half of Indians (48%) said they disapproved, according to the survey. . A quarter approves, and approximately another quarter does not offer an opinion. Those who identify most with BJP are as likely as congressional supporters to disapprove this measure and less likely to respond.

The survey also reveals that the public opinion of the Indians leans significantly towards the United States against China. When asked if they have stronger economic ties with the US. UU. Or China was more important, 62% of Indians choose the United States with Chinese influence in the Indian economy as something negative.

According to the survey, relations between the United States and India are held in high esteem among Indian adults, and about three quarters say that current relations in general, as well as economic ties, are good between the two nations. But when it comes to China, the Indian public is more negative: 61% of Indians say that China’s growing economy is a bad thing for their country.

In addition, unlike the positive brands that India gives to the United States and its president, the views on China and the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, are more negative. While 21% of Indians have confidence in Xi, 36% say they lack confidence in him when it comes to world affairs. Also, only 23% have a favorable view of China, while 46% have an unfavorable view of the country. In general terms, Indians are much more likely to see the United States as an ally and China as a threat.

However, the great conclusion is Trump’s growing popularity in India, which may be one of the reasons for his arduous round trip of 24,000 km to spend the night in the course of a 34-hour visit.

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