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The man from West Bengal ignores the past of sex workers and embarks on a happy journey forever with lady love | Kolkata News


KOLKATA: The month of love saw the end of a fairy tale for a girl’s life of torment and struggle.

The girl, who had been forced to trade meat and sold to a brothel, married a man, who agreed to spend their lives together, undeterred by her past. The happy couple has established themselves at home and dreams of starting a business together. Now it is a completely new life for Sulekha, the name given by the NGO that rescued her. Forced into the sex trade and kidnapped in a brothel, Sulekha had suffered years of pain and abuse at the hands of pimps. She said she had given up hopes of being free again, leaving only to marry.

Sulekha and her family lived in Haldiam, where they sold puffed rice for a living. She was only 15 years old when her grandmother kicked her out of the house. He had just lost his father and his mother was invalid, he could not stop the physical attacks against her. “One day, he kicked me out of the house and my poor mother couldn’t do anything. I landed at the Mecheda train station. I sat there, begging for work, when two men approached me and told me that there was a home that would use me as domestic help, pay me and give me food. I agreed. They gave me something to eat. The next I opened my eyes, I was in a brothel. I was beaten mercilessly by the owner and forced to trade sexually. I tried to escape several times, but they always caught me and brought me back, ”said Sulekha.

He was still 18 when the brothel was raided, according to reports at the behest of International Justice Mission, an NGO that rescued trafficked girls and rehabilitated them. Sulekha was sent to a home in Narendrapur until she turned 18. Subsequently, she was trained in the bakery of one of Park Street’s best known confectionery brands, so she could start on her own. “Although I long to start baking again, the person I fell in love with worked in a bag sewing unit near Kasba and encouraged me to join him there. He took care of me and after a period of courtship, he proposed to me. I did not hide my past. I often pinch myself to see if I’m still dreaming, ”he said.

Sujoy (name changed), is a happy man. He dreams of saving enough money to be able to establish a cake making unit for his wife. “That is his second dream and I will fulfill it somehow,” he said.

IJM spokesman Saji Philip said: “This is the first time I encounter a case, in which a rescued girl revealed her identity to the man she loved and he went on with the wedding.” We feel fulfilled in our mission. ”

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