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Rahul Gandhi sole contender for the post of party president: Congress on concerns about leadership | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid concerns in the party on the issue of leadership and calls for elections to the top post, Congress said Thursday that Rahul Gandhi was a clear successor to the position of the president of the party for his mother and the incumbent Sonia Gandhi

Congressional sources said Rahul was the only contender in the race for the president’s position because the entire rank and file of the party want him to lead, implying that elections in that case may not even be necessary.

War of words in Congress: now, Sandeep Dikshit raises a ‘leadership question’; gets the support of Shashi Tharoor

Differences within Congress after the party dispute in the recently concluded Delhi assembly elections refuse to disappear. Sandeep Dikshit, son of former CM Sheila Dikshit of Delhi, accused the main leaders of Congress of doing nothing to guarantee the selection of the new party president because they are “afraid of who will cheat the cat.”

With different voices emerging within the party on the issue of leadership, a senior congress leader said that Rahul has acceptability across the country and also the ability to lead the party.

It is also speculated that Rahul could be elevated to the top position in the proposed plenary session of the Congress scheduled sometime in April.

Sources in the party said the session could be scheduled after Parliament’s budget session and that an important section within the party wants Rahul to be reinstated as party president.

Congressional leaders, Sandeep Dikshit and Shashi Tharoor, have called for new elections for the main party post to instill new vigor in the party.

When asked about the comments of these leaders, the chief congressional spokesman, Randeep Surjewala, said the congressional work committee has decided on the president of the Congress.

“If anyone has any doubts about this, they should kindly read the CWC resolution before giving any statement in public and will get some knowledge,” he told reporters when asked about Tharoor.

On Dikshit’s statement, Surjewala said he had not read it, but if Dikshit and leaders like him work hard in their own parliamentary constituencies, Congress will surely be victorious.

“I have not seen Dikshit’s comments, but one must realize that when leaders dispute they must understand why they lost the elections and how many votes they got. Instead of giving statements on social media and media interviews, if Sandeep Dikshit works hard on his own electorate and politically collect the work initiated during the government of Sheila Dikshit, Congress will be victorious.It is my appeal to all leaders like Dikshit that instead of giving knowledge to the whole country, they must first show the benefits of his own work done in his constituencies, “he said.

While Dikshit has demanded that new elections be held for the top position in Congress respecting Rahul’s decision to resign and not have Gandhi as the next president of Congress, Tharoor has backed his comment.

“What Sandeep Dikshit said openly is what dozens of party leaders across the country are saying privately, including many with responsible positions in the party. I renew my call to CWC to hold leadership elections to energize workers and inspire to the voters, “he said.

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