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PM Modi, Amit Shah can’t always help, RSS warns BJP after the Delhi survey debacle | India News


NEW DELHI: The ‘Organizer’ of the RSS English mouthpiece has submitted a scathing remark about the BJP, it is the unit of Delhi and the candidates who launched themselves in the fray of the survey after a humiliating loss in the national capital.

“A bad candidate cannot claim a premium just because the party he belongs to is good. An evil is an evil …,” said the article, citing Deen Dayal Upadhyay.

In a meaningless approach, the author stated that the BJP as an organization needs to understand that Amit Shah and Narendra Modi “cannot always help.”

“Narendra Modi and Amit Shah cannot always help in the elections at the Assembly level and there is no other option but to rebuild the organization in Delhi to address local aspirations,” the article says.

The article entitled ‘Divergent Mandate of Delhi’, written by editor Prafulla Ketkar, asked to understand the “context of city-state voting behavior” in Delhi. The article says that the answer lies in the changing nature of the aspirational Delhi.

He said the ‘Shaheen Bagh narrative’ failed for the BJP because Arvind Kejriwal stayed out. However, the author also investigated Kejriwal’s “saffron avatar” and hinted that the BJP should monitor it.

“This genius of Muslim fundamentalism experienced under the pretext of CAA can create a new testing ground for Kejriwal. How does Kejriwal respond to this danger? How genuine was his singing to Hanuman Chalisa?” the article said

It was previously reported that both the Sangh and the VHP are happy with the Hindu-centered policy that forced Kejriwal to adapt to the changing trend. But Ketkar is worried because it is not the ‘genuine’ side of AAP.

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