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Nirbhaya case: Nirbhaya’s convict bangs his head against the wall to get hurt | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Vinay Sharma, one of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case housed in Tihar Prison No. 3, was allegedly injured by hitting her head against the wall of her cell on Monday.

The prison authorities said that the guards in charge of watching the death row inmates managed to arrest Sharma and took him to a hospital where he was given first aid and discharged.

The sources said Sharma had even tried to break his hand by sticking it between the bars of the cell. AP Singh, Sharma’s lawyer, said the incident occurred on February 16 and the convict’s mother informed him the next day when his son refused to recognize her. Singh claimed that Sharma’s mental condition had become unstable since the new death sentence was issued.

However, prison officials said no such indications were found during Sharma’s advice. “He is in perfect health and responded positively to recent psychometric tests,” said an official.

A senior officer said that since the last death warrant was issued, the four convicts had been behaving aggressively with the guards and jail guards. There has been a marked change in their behavior. Although their eating habits are normal, Sharma and Mukesh Singh refused meals and ate after being very convincing.

The four men have been monitored for suicide. The managers have been in charge of monitoring the CCTV cameras installed in their well-lit cells throughout the day. Guards have been placed outside their cells to watch. Their interaction with other inmates has been minimized so that no one develops sympathy for them.

Although they are allowed to meet their parents, they have sometimes refused to meet them. Every effort is being made to keep them mentally alert.

The sources said those sentenced to death sometimes act violently to cause injury to themselves so they can ask for mercy. Prison officials said that if an injured or underweight convict is found, the death penalty can be deferred until it is adjusted.

(The identity of the victim has not been revealed to protect their privacy according to the directives of the Supreme Court in cases related to sexual assault)

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