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Maharashtra News: The cracks in the Maharashtra alliance government are widened by Elgar’s investigation, NPR | India News

MUMBAI: The differences within the ruler Maha Vikas Aghadi in Maharashtra widened on Tuesday when Sharad Pawar once again pressed for a SIT to investigate the “misuse of police force” in the Elgar Parishad case while CM Uddhav Thackeray kept silent about The PNC chief’s demand, but said he adhered to his consent for the NIA to take over the investigation. Going against the PCN and Congress in line for the exercise of the National Population Registry, which has been opposed by its two allies, Uddhav also reiterated his party’s support for the NPR.

Thackeray, on a tour of the Konkan, said the cases of Elgar and Koregaon Bhima were different. “The Koregaon Bhima case will not be transferred to the Center. It is related to the Dalit community, and the government will not allow injustices against the community, ”he said. In the case of Elgar, nine activists were arrested for linking to the banned CPI (Maoist) group, and Pune police alleged that incendiary speeches delivered at Elgar Parishad on December 31, 2017 contributed to caste riots in Koregaon Bhima the next day. The state has formed a two-member investigation panel to investigate violence.

Pawar, on the other hand, clarified that “we are not demanding an investigation into the violence of Koregaon Bhima or the Elgar case, but about the way in which the police force was abused.”

The PCN had declared on Monday that the NPR form had unsolicited questions, and the head of state Congress, Balasaheb Thorat, reiterated on Tuesday the opposition of his party. Uddhav, however, said: “There is no need to fear about CAA. The NRC has not been applied and will not be implemented in the state. And NPR is just a census, ”he said. He added that “it would go through the columns given in the form” given the concerns raised, “but I don’t think there are problems with this, since it is done every ten years.”

On Pawar’s comment about an investigation into the “misuse of police powers” and not specifically about Elgar or Koregaon Bhima, Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh of the PCN and party spokesman Nawab Malik denied that there was a reduction by the PCN. “We have been demanding an investigation into the arrest of innocent people. On Tuesday, Pawar reiterated this. We are sure that the CM will accept our demand and establish a SIT, ”Deshmukh told TOI. Deshmukh had previously accused the CM of “nullifying him” and consenting to the NIA taking over Elgar’s investigation.

Pawar said that the way law enforcement agencies had dealt with the case had blurred the image of the Pune police and the state police. “We also have the power to investigate the case … The role of the Pune police must be proven as a priority. I will not comment further since an investigative commission was created to investigate the violence of Koregaon Bhima,” said Pawar.

Pawar also noted that Koregaon Bhima and Elgar were not linked, as they were “prominent people with a progressive approach who had participated in the Elgar conference.” He said the conference should be opened by former Supreme Court judge P B Sawant, who however did not attend due to health problems. “I was surprised when they told me that those who did not attend the conference were arrested by the Pune police and criminal cases were filed against them. Some were arrested for reading a poem by the poet Dalit Namdeo Dhasal. Innocent people are in jail for more than two years. As false information was sent, they were unable to obtain bail. I am supporting the Supreme Court proposal for a high-level investigation. Establish a SIT and the truth will come to light, ”he said.

The PNC chief also expressed surprise at the way in which the details of the January 24 meeting between Deputy CM Ajit Pawar and Interior Minister Deshmukh had leaked to the Union’s internal affairs ministry, hours after which the MHA issued the notification to take over the Elgar investigation.

Thorat said MHA’s decision to take over the investigation was part of the “Center’s attempt to label people associated with the Dalit and pro-Ambedkar progressive movements as Naxals.” Elgar’s conference was a platform for intellectuals, liberals and poets. It was a mistake to put them behind bars saying they talked against the government, ”he said.

Thorat said that in CAA, NRC and NPR, “Congress has a very clear position … to oppose them.” Wherever society attempts to divide, Congress will oppose. We will discuss with our allies and make them understand. ”

Thackeray said in the NRC, although he said it was not going to be implemented, that “it would not only affect the Muslim community but also the Hindus, the tribes and other communities.” The Center has not yet presented any specific program at NRC. ”

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