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Indigo’s flight returns to the terminal after two passengers try to open the plane’s door while it rolls


NEW DELHI: A Delhi-Jeddah IndiGo flight had to return to Delhi airport on Tuesday night after rolling to take off when two passengers created a scene inside the aircraft when two of their passengers were unloaded from the flight due to the loss of your flight boarding pass.

According to sources, a group of 110 people from Srinagar traveled through Delhi to Jeddah. Two of them lost their boarding pass and were not allowed to board the Airbus A321 (VT-IUH) that was to operate from Delhi to Jeddah as 6E 1741.

“While the plane was rolling, the group leader demanded that the two passengers be accepted on board. The IndiGo crew tried to appease this person and asked him to take a seat while the plane was rolling. But reportedly, two on board became very nervous and tried to open the plane’s door to stop it. When they resorted to this, the captain decided to return to the terminal where two male and three female passengers were unloaded with their three checked bags, ”said an official.

A complete simulation was carried out against sabotage. The plane, which has a scheduled departure time at 8.10 pm, finally took off with a delay of three hours.

An IndiGo spokesman said: “We confirmed the incident in 6E1741 that operates from Delhi to Jeddah on February 18, 2020. Some passengers showed rebellious behavior and were unloaded to continue flight operations. A report has been submitted with the relevant authorities. according to the protocol “.

Times of India