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Debbie Abrahams: The majority of APPGK are Pakistani or of PoK heritage, there is not a single PIO among them, they are all anti-India | World News


LONDON: Most members of a Kashmir parliamentary group led by Labor MP Debbie Abrahams, who was denied entry to India on Monday, are Pakistani or of PoK origin, and all constantly criticize Kashmir’s Indian governance .

While the Kashmir Parliamentary Group of all parties (APPGK) states “to support the right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir through dialogue” and “to highlight human rights abuses in Kashmir and seek justice for the people there “None of its members are of Indian descent.

Abrahams, its president, was deported from India to Dubai on Monday after immigration officials in Delhi informed him that his electronic visa was invalid.

According to the APPG registry for November 2019, the most up-to-date membership record, the senior vice president of the group is the Labor Deputy of Bradford East Imran Hussain, a British Pakistani who has used inflammatory language against India for years.

After visiting PoK and the Control Line in September 2019, where he says he was informed by senior officers of the Pakistan army, he told a local newspaper in Britain that what was happening in Kashmir was a “war crime.”

The honorary president of the parliamentary group is Lord Nazir Ahmed, born in Mirpur of PoK, a non-affiliated partner of the United Kingdom. He was one of the keynote speakers at the British Pakistani protests on August 15 in front of the Indian high commission in London last year that turned violent and led to the Indian diaspora and mission building as a target.

His honorary vice president is the Pakistan-born Labor deputy for Manchester Gorton Afzal Khan, who signed a letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, dated August 5, 2019, asking him to “strongly condemn the actions of the Indian government” and his “Illegal and unconstitutional revocation of article 370 to annex Kashmir”.

The secretary of the group is Lord Hussain, born in PoK Kotli, a liberal Democrat politician and democrat who has also often spoken against India in Kashmir. The senior vice president is Jack Brereton, conservative deputy of Stoke-on-Trent South. On August 8, 2019, Brereton wrote a letter to the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, saying that the annulment of article 370 was a “dangerous situation” and a “serious escalation.”

An Indian diplomatic source in London told TOI: “Given the type of events held by this APPG and the types of corrupt elements of Pakistan they invite, and the types of problems it supports, I am not surprised that it is their membership.”

Abrahams was granted an electronic multi-entry business visa on October 7, 2019, valid until October 5, 2020. On February 14, an email was sent indicating that his electronic visa had been rejected but may be eligible for a regular visa

The Indian electronic visa website indicates that an electronic visa “is not available to diplomatic / official passport holders.”

The Indian high commission in London tweeted Tuesday: “Ms. Debbie Abrahams did not have a valid visa. In addition, there is no visa provision on arrival for citizens of the United Kingdom. Consequently, he was asked to return. ”

Senior commission officials would not confirm whether Abrahams’ open stance against India over Kashmir was the reason the visa was denied. A source said: “The reason why the visa was rejected is under the control of the Ministry of Interior. It could also be that she had applied for an electronic business visa but was traveling to meet relatives. Nowhere has he publicly said he was on a business trip. ”

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