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Biker loses his life in an attempt to stop the SUV after being hit in Delhi | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: In a shocking incident, a man was crushed under the wheels of an SUV while trying to stop the fleeing vehicle after hitting his motorcycle near Krishna Nagar on Sunday afternoon. The incident was captured on a CCTV camera. The images showed the 33-year-old man being dragged for almost 400 meters while hanging from the car door frame until he fell and fell under the wheels.
Police say the car has been identified and efforts are being made to catch the driver.
The incident occurred on Sunday morning when the victim, Pradeep Bansal, was returning from a grocery store. While turning towards Krishna Nagar, the SUV hit Bansal’s bicycle from behind because it fell.
In the images, he is seen getting out of his bike and grabbing the frame of the car door and hanging on it, while the driver accelerates.
A group of curious people met along the way, but did not raise the alarm. The driver drove zigzag on the road because Bansal’s grip loosened and he fell on the road. He arrived under the rear wheels of the SUV and was seriously injured. He was taken to a hospital, but succumbed to his injuries.
Bansal’s relatives said they recovered the CCTV images of the area on their own and handed them to the police. No measures were taken to locate the driver, they claimed.
“Bansal’s wife had died a year ago and is now survived by a child she used to care for. She used to stay with her parents and her son,” said a family member.
However, police said the car owner was identified as Brijender Singh and that the vehicle was registered in Ghaziabad. Singh’s relatives are being questioned to find out who was driving the car at the time of the incident.
Police officers registered an FIR and handed Bansal’s body to family members after an autopsy on Tuesday.
On video: Biker loses his life trying to stop running away from the car after SUV hits the bike

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