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Aadhaar voter identification linkage: the government will grant the Electoral Commission legal power to bind Aadhaar and voter identification | India News

NEW DELHI: The government has decided to amend the Aadhaar Law to legally empower the Electoral Commission to link the unique identification number with the electoral roll, which would eliminate false and duplicate entries and pave the way to grant “remote” voting rights to migrant voters.

The law ministry is working on a note that will be presented to the Union Cabinet for the decision that, in addition to disinfecting the electoral roll, will save migrants from what amounts to “depriving of rights” by changing current practice where They can vote only if they are in the constituency where they are registered as voters.

The ministry transmitted this to the Electoral Commission in a meeting on Tuesday to discuss electoral reforms.

At the meeting between the main officials of the EC and the secretary of law, the chief commissioner of elections, Sunil Arora, stressed the need for the ministry of law to accelerate the implementation of the reforms proposed by the voting panel since 2004-05 and also hold regular discussions with the EC to review progress. The secretary of law, Narayan Raju, assured the voting panel that the ministry was examining the 40 electoral reforms proposed by the EC and that each was at a different stage of discussion.

When sowing the identity card with electoral photo (EPIC) with the 12-digit number of Aadhaar, the secretary of law, according to EC sources, said the government was favorably inclined and that a cabinet note would move soon to amend the Law of Aadhaar.

EC officials said the Aadhaar-EPIC linkage will help carry out the commission’s plan to work towards a safe, possibly electronic, vote to help migrant voters, including domestic workers, migrant workers, etc., to Exercise your franchise “Their identification has been properly verified, the commission can explore the technology that will allow them to vote from a remote location guarded by the EC,” said an officer.

In 2015, the EC assumed the linking of the voter card and the Aadhaar number as part of its National Program of Purification and Authentication of the Electoral Census. When the EC decided to leave the program, in view of the Supreme Court ruling restricting the use of Aadhaar, about 32 million rupees were sown.

After the SC ruling last year that allowed the mandatory collection of Aadhaar with due amendment in the Aadhaar Law, the EC wrote to the law ministry in August seeking an adequate amendment to allow the linking of EPIC with UID. The law ministry had agreed in principle and a cabinet note is being prepared.

Other reforms that were on the table on Tuesday include the proposal to allow more than one deadline for voter registration after reaching adulthood, turning the false affidavit into a corrupt electoral crime / practice that would attract disqualification, covering print media and social media intermediaries under Section 126 of the RP Act of 1951 (48-hour silence period), which makes voter service gender-neutral for spouses, and modification in The contribution form.

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