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33-year-old Muslim will lead Lingayat mutt in Karnataka | Bengaluru News


HUBBALLI: Upon leaving on a less traveled road, a Lingayat stray dog ​​in the Gadag district of northern Karnataka will become a pontiff for young Muslims. Diwan Sharief Rahimansab Mulla, 33, who will be admitted on February 26, said he was influenced by the teachings of the 12th-century reformer Basavanna since childhood and that he would work to achieve his ideals of social justice and harmony.

Sharief will become pontiff of the street dog Murugharajendra Koraneshwara Shantidhama in the village of Asuti, which is linked to the street dog Koraneshwara Sansthan of 350 years in the village of Khajuri in Kalaburagi. They are among the 361 stray dogs of Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Chitradurga stray dog, which attract thousands of followers from all over Karnataka and Maharashtra, as well as other parts of the country.

“Basava’s philosophies are universal and we accept followers regardless of caste and religion. He had dreamed of social justice and harmony in the twelfth century and, following his teachings, the stray dog ​​has opened its doors to all,” said Murugharajendra Koraneshwar Shivayogi, pontiff of the street dog Khajuri.

Influenced by Shivayogi’s speeches in Asuti, Sharief’s father, the late Rahimansab Mulla, donated two acres to establish a street dog in the village. Shivayogi said that the street dog Asuti has been running for 2-3 years and that the construction of the facilities was underway.

“Sharief is dedicated to Basava’s philosophy and has been living according to those principles. His father was also a firm follower and had obtained” linga deeksha “from us. Sharief took ‘deeksha’ on November 10, 2019,” said the pontiff “We have trained him in the various facets of the Lingayat religion and the teachings of Basavanna in the last three years.”

Sharief said he was attracted to Basava’s teachings since childhood. “I used to run a flour mill in the neighboring town of Menasagi and, in my spare time, I gave speeches about the Vachanas written by Basavanna and other Sharanas from the 12th century. Murugharajendra Swamiji recognized my little service and took me under his wings, ”said Sharief. “I will move on the same path propagated by Basavanna and my mentor.”

Sharief is married and is the father of three daughters and a son, and the appointment of a family man as a pontiff is still rare in Lingayat. “The Lingayat religion believes in sadgati (salvation) through sansar (family). A family man can become a swami and assume a social and spiritual work, ”said Shivayogi. “All the devotees of the stray dog ​​have backed Sharief to be made a pontiff. It is an opportunity to defend Basavanna’s ideal of a “kalyana rajya” (welfare state) “.

Dyamanna Hadli, Sharanappa Karkikatti and Santosh Balutagi, who are among the prominent members of the street dog, said they were proud that their town was an example. “We have seen hate and violent struggles for reasons of caste and religion. And those fights erupt even over who will become a pontiff of a street dog, “Hadli said.” But our Koraneshwar Mutt is drawing an inspiring path by naming a Muslim as a pontiff of a street dog Lingayat. ”

“Regardless of the breed and religion, all the devotees of the village are followers of this stray dog. We have unanimously backed Sharief, ”said Balutagi.

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