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Coronavirus: Is there a place for cautious hope? – editorials


Even when new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) crossed 70,000 and deaths approached 2,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said there seems to be a decrease in new cases. But it is still too early to say if this reported decline will continue, as new populations become infected worldwide. WHO has also said that Covid-19 is not as deadly as other coronaviruses.

The team of experts in the field, and a new document from China with detailed data on more than 44,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, indicates that more than 80% of patients have a mild case of the virus and will recover. About 14% of patients have severe cases, such as pneumonia and shortness of breath, while the virus causes critical diseases, such as respiratory failure, septic shock and multiorganic insufficiency, in approximately 5% of patients.

The virus has killed 2% of reported cases, mostly elderly patients, shows data from China, which has been fighting accusations of minimizing the severity and extent of the epidemic. For the decline to continue, countries must remain vigilant. WHO estimates that $ 675 million is needed to help less developed countries prepare for screening, testing, contact tracking and treatment, as was done successfully in India, where around 500 evacuees from China are headed home, without disease, after spending 18 days in quarantine

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