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Finally, gender parity in the Indian army – editorials


In a historic order, the Supreme Court has confirmed the right of women in charge of short service (SSC) to be entitled to a permanent commission in the Indian army. He also said there could not be an absolute bar to consider women officers for command posts. This was in response to the request of the government that challenges an order of the Delhi Superior Court of 2010 to grant a permanent commission to the official women along with their male counterparts.

The SC verdict is welcome. On the one hand, it defends the right to equality in the Constitution, since the spirit of order is the principle of non-discrimination. Gender cannot serve as a basis for unequal and unequal treatment in any sphere, including defense forces. Second, the SC categorically rejected the arguments of the Center, which was based on the physiological limitations of women and current social norms, including family obligations, and made it clear that criticizing their ability was an insult to both women and For the Indian army. . Thirdly, it has opened the doors for women in command positions very explicitly, thus ensuring that they will have a role in making decisions in due course.

Now it is time for the government to implement the order in both letter and spirit. This will mean changing mentally internally, since male officers continue to see women as the most appropriate for the attached roles and not as equals. The decision will encourage more women to think about a career in the army. This can begin a process of correcting gender imbalance in the forces of India.

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