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The Democratic search to find a rival for Trump | Editorial HT – editorials


The United States (US) presidential election campaign is officially in full swing, but all debates take place on one side. They indicate a deep division within the Democratic Party on how to address the social ills of the United States. UU. And how to defeat Donald Trump. The results of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary have consolidated Bernie Sanders as the favorite for the left of the game. The surprise has been the rise of Pete Buttigieg as a favorite of the party’s centrist supporters. While former Vice President Joe Biden is not out of the race, it will cost him a little miracle to resurrect. Added to the mix is ​​the intrusion of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is not yet on any ballot but is climbing the ranking of the polls.

The goal of Democratic voters is to choose a candidate who can defeat Trump. If Sanders wins some more primaries, the left will have decided on a candidate. Mr. Buttigieg’s path is longer, but whenever he is first or second in most of the remaining primaries, the only other centrist alternative will be Mr. Bloomberg. The voting totals of all centrist candidates are approximately equal to those of the leftists. The fissures within the party within the Democrats perfectly reflect those in today’s American society. While New Delhi is obviously neutral in all this, it would probably make a face if a leftist candidate wins the Democratic nomination. Democratic primaries may seem boringly parochial, but they are not unimportant worldwide.

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