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AAP questions ‘delay’ in participation figures, CE says the process takes time | Delhi Election 2020 Election News


NEW DELHI: One day after the assembly’s elections in the capital, and exit polls that predict a great victory for her, the Aam Aadmi Party alleged a conspiracy about the “delay” in the announcement of the Electoral Commission on the Final figures of electoral participation. The survey body ruled out the accusation and said the data was published 24 hours after the conclusion of the survey, which was not uncommon or delayed.

CM Arvind Kejriwal visited Twitter on Sunday to express his disappointment at the “delay.” “Absolutely shocking. What is the EC doing? Why don’t they publish participation figures in the survey, several hours after the survey?” He tweeted.

The EC clarified that the compilation of the final figures was a time-consuming exercise. “This is not uncommon or late,” said Indian deputy commissioner Sandeep Saxena about the data that was published after 24 hours. “Data from 13,750 polling stations are added and the exact number is manually fed into the computer. It is a time-consuming process.”

Earlier in the day, AAP official Manish Sisodia asked on Twitter if EC was waiting for the BJP office figure. Citing a tweet from BL Santosh of BJP, who stated that 17% of the votes were polled in the last two hours, Sisodia tweeted: “The BJP leader is posting voting figures. On the other hand, even after 24 hours of end of the vote, CE cannot release voter participation, saying it is gathering the data. What is going on, CEO? Will you get the final participation figures from the BJP office? ”

The AAP deputy, Sanjay Singh, said at a press conference that the party feared a deep conspiracy for the delay. “Until now, every time the elections have been held, the Electoral Commission used to declare the percentage of the vote. It has been 24 hours since the vote on the election of the Delhi assembly ended, but the EC is not ready to announce the voting percentage. This points to a deep conspiracy. The EC should explain why it has not yet announced the voting percentage. This is the first time in 70 years that the EC is not ready to announce the voting percentage, ”said Singh.

Singh said the delay was surprising. “In any election, be it Lok Sabha or assembly, the EC used to announce the voting percentage on the same day. I remember when elections were held by ballots, the EC used to announce the percentage of voting even at that time. But for the first time in 70 years, something so strange happened. This means that a conspiracy is being plotted, ”said Singh.

The head of Delhi BJP, Manoj Tiwari, said that AAP was creating a controversy unnecessarily.

“AAP knows that it is losing, so it is organizing press conferences and raising questions about the EC,” Tiwari said. “Why is AAP worried when exit polls give them 44 seats and BJP only 26? Don’t make excuses to blame the EVM. ”

AAP said that the calculation of the voting percentage was not a long process. “Once the voting is over, the voting officers send the details of the voting in each booth to EC. After compiling the information provided by all voting officials, the EC declares the voting percentage. He declared the voting percentage of the LS elections held across the country, but the commission is not ready to give the voting percentage in only 70 legislative assemblies in Delhi, ”said Sanjay Singh.

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