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As the new coronavirus number (2019-nCoV) exceeded 774 deaths worldwide due to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2002-2003, which had been the largest outbreak of coronavirus to date, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the outbreak was stabilizing, but warned that it was still too early to predict whether the virus had peaked. India is inspecting all passengers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand in 21 airports and in the main sea and land ports.

With Kerala quickly identifying and containing the 2019-nCoV import cases between three Wuhan students and all the people they had contacted since they were infected, India has so far escaped the worst virus. The WHO estimates that the incubation period of the virus, the time it takes for a person to become infected and show symptoms, is approximately two to 10 days, so all people with symptoms will be reexamined on day 14 of the quarantine period to ensure That they are sick. -free. The Indian Medical Research Council-National Institute of Virology (NIV) is among a global support network of 15 specialized reference laboratories. In addition to the NIV, the National Center for Disease Control in New Delhi and 13 Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratories across the country are testing the 2019-nCoV for faster results, even for their neighbors.

The great challenge for India is to maintain the urgency to stop the infection and ensure that patients and medical staff follow the quarantine protocols and reject the rumors and magic remedies that are widely shared on social networks. Commercial promoters of alternative medicine systems are already selling unproven cures citing an erroneous and unscientific claim from the Ayush Ministry that certain local remedies can prevent the 2019-nCoV infection. There is also great resistance to being examined and tested among the public, with many contacts of suspicious cases that do not report symptoms to evade quarantine, which is forcing the government to go door to door to ensure compliance and stop localized outbreaks . If that happens, the high population density of India will cause the infection to spread like a forest fire. Trust in science and medicine is the only way to end the outbreak once and for all.

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