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If CM Arvind Kejriwal wins, it will be a victory for development agendas: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said Sunday that if Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal wins the Delhi Assembly polls, it will be a triumph of development agendas and communal agendas will end with the defeat of the Bharatiya Party Janata (BJP).

“We fight in this election with all our forces. In this election, BJP presented all the communal agendas, while Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal Ji presented the development agendas. If Kejriwal wins, it will be a victory of the development agendas,” he said. Chowdhury. AND ME.

The Congress leader added that if BJP loses the elections of the Delhi Assembly, the community agenda will also end with the defeat of the party.

“BJP brought all its leaders here and kept shouting ‘Shaheen Bagh’ and, on the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal kept saying: Mohalla Clinic also talked about other jobs. Congress tried to convey a message that a long-term development was observed. during the term of former Delhi CM Shiela Dixit, “he added.

In addition to speaking with ANI about the statement of the head of BJP, Manoj Tiwari, who expresses confidence about his party’s victory in the Delhi Assembly polls, Chowdhury said that daydreaming is his fundamental right, but BJP will not win the polls of the Assembly.

“We know that he sings and dances very well, but the elections are something much more different than that. He may daydream … that is his fundamental right, but it will remain a dream. BJP will not win in the Delhi Assembly polls.” said Chowdhury. I told ANI.

When the Delhi elections concluded on Saturday night, exit polls predicted that AAP will win a two-thirds majority and some will give it a three-quarter majority in the 70-member assembly. They predicted that Congress will continue its bleak show in the national capital.

The Times Now-Ipsos exit survey predicted 47 seats for AAP and 23 for BJP.

The ABP News-C voter poll predicted that AAP will get 49-63 seats and BJP 5-19 seats. According to the survey, Congress could win 0-4 seats.

The TV9 exit poll Bharatvarsh-Cicero predicted that AAP would win 54 seats, BJP 15 seats and Congress one seat.

The Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat exit poll awarded 48-61 seats to AAP, 9-21 seats to BJP and 0-1 seats to Congress.

The AAP had registered an overwhelming victory in the 2015 elections, obtaining 67 of 70 seats. The BJP had won three seats, while Congress had not been able to open its account.

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