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Half of Bangladesh will be empty if Indian citizenship is offered: Union Minister Reddy | India News


HYDERABAD: Half of the population of Bangladesh will leave that country if they were promised Indian citizenship, Union Minister Gis Kishan Reddy said Sunday.

Speaking at the Santh Ravidas jayanthi celebrations here, Reddy challenged Telangana’s prime minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, to prove how the Citizens Amendment Act was against the population of Rs 130 million in India.

“Half of Bangladesh will be empty (vacant) if India offers them citizenship (Bangladeshi). Half of Bangladeshis will come to India if they are promised citizenship (to them). Who will take responsibility? KCR? Or Rahul Gandhi? ” I ask.

“They seek citizenship for infiltrators. The Government of India is ready to review the CAA if it has a word against any of the 130 crore citizens, but not for Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslims,” ​​Reddy said.

Noting that CAA was brought for humanitarian reasons to certain persecuted communities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, he said that some political parties demanded that Muslims from those countries be granted citizenship as well.

Investigating in TRS and his “friendly party” AIMIM, Reddy claimed that the former was turning himself into the politics of the voting bank.

“I am requesting the TRS party. I am requesting the prime minister (KCR). I am challenging the prime minister to prove whether someone from 130 crore citizens of this country was affected by the Citizenship Amendment Act,” said the Minister of Union. of State for the home, he said.

Affirming that refugees and infiltrators should not be treated in the same way, he said that parties like Congress sought citizenship for infiltrators, who came from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

According to him, some refugees have stayed in India for the last 40 years without any facilities and documents such as voter identification, Aadhar or ration card.

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