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Earn for sustainable agriculture: the farmer duo grows corn that looks like jewelry | Visakhapatnam News

VISAKHAPATNAM: When the corn kernels shone like rare jewels, Abhinav Gangumalla and Renu Rao rejoiced. After seven long years, these two farmers who practice sustainable agriculture managed to harvest the corn from glass gems that is native to North America on their farm in Hyderabad.

The duo was trying to decipher the process since 2013, but now it has managed to grow this rare species of corn. Since 2013, the duo was using trial and error to decipher the glass gem production process. They have also managed to harvest strawberry corn and purple corn.

Speaking to TOI, Abhinav Gangumalla, who completed his BTech in civil engineering at the University of Gitam in Visakhapatnam, said he was not happy with the corporate rat race and, therefore, decided to pursue sustainable agriculture.

Abhinav, who is now also a wellness coach, opened a store called “Hyderabad Goes Green” in 2010. Then, in 2014, he and his partner Renu Rao and he bought 4.5 acres of land to practice sustainable agriculture.

His farm, called “Beyond Organic”, is known for preserving native seeds and growing new varieties seasonally. This is where this variety of corn was harvested. In stating that the three varieties of corn were grown sustainably, Abhinav said: “I lacked tears when I finally saw the corn glass gem because we worked hard for it for seven years. Although we wanted to grow this beautiful corn, we constantly failed. ”

“It was grown like normal corn but using sustainable practices on the farm. After harvesting it, we cooked it and, surprisingly, the color remained, ”Abhinav added.

He added that the corn glass gem tasted more authentic and also looked more beautiful with crystals adorning the crop.

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