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Delhi does not reach the 2015 record with a 61.5% stake | Delhi Election 2020 Election News

NEW DELHI: Participation in Delhi for the election of the assembly did not reach its record in 2015 when AAP had accumulated 67 seats out of 70. It was a sunny Saturday but the vote was slow until late. According to the latest available figure with the EC, which is subject to revision, the participation stood at 61.5%, compared to 67.1% in 2015 when AAP registered a spectacular victory.

Electoral participation in the capital had steadily increased since 1998, when almost 49% of the electorate had come out to cast votes. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, 60.6% of the voters had exercised their franchise. Electoral officials in Delhi said that although electoral participation had crossed the number of parliamentary elections in 2019, it will not come close to that of 2015.

Interestingly, in absolute terms, about 1.62 more lakh people voted on Saturday compared to the 2015 surveys.

Accepting that voter participation was less than expected, election officials said it was too early to look for reasons. “Several factors contribute to electoral participation. We are still waiting for the final numbers and we will not comment on that,” said Delhi election director Ranbir Singh.

While the final numbers are still being calculated, Seelampur in northeastern Delhi reported the largest share of 71.4%, followed by 70.6% in the Mustafabad assembly segment. The cantonment of Delhi witnessed the smallest number of people who voted to vote with 41.3%, followed by Chhattarpur with 46.5%.

Although it was a triangular contest on most seats, the battle was essentially between AAP and BJP. The AAP had requested votes on the work that its government had done in health, education, water and other sectors, including the free delivery of electricity, water and bus transportation to women. BJP essentially made it an election on national security and nationalism. He highlighted the protests against the amended citizenship law, the repeal of articles 370 and 35A, the SC ruling in the case of the Ram temple and the surgical strikes in Pakistan.

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