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Delhi Assembly Elections: Smriti Irani criticizes Kejriwal for his tweet about women voters | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s Prime Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, and BJP leader Smriti Irani clashed on Twitter over the tweet of the first asking voters in Delhi to consult the men before casting their vote.

“Please cast your vote. I especially ask women voters, as their home, the responsibility of the country and Delhi also rests on their shoulders. All women should go and cast their votes. They should also take men with them to vote. women should also consult men on who to vote for, “said the Prime Minister of Delhi after casting his vote along with his family members at the Rajpura Transportation Authority in the Civil Lines area in between of strict security measures.

The Minister of Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani, criticized Kejriwal for his “sexist” comment. The minister questioned his intentions by making that comment on Twitter previously. “Don’t you think women are capable enough to decide for themselves on who to vote for?” Irani tweeted in response with a hashtag #AntiWomenKejriwal.

“The women of Delhi have already decided who they are going to vote for,” Kejriwal responded to Iran’s tweet.

“This time throughout Delhi it is women who have decided their family’s vote. After all, they are the ones who run the house,” he added.

Voting has been underway since 8 a.m. for the 70-member Delhi Assembly, where the ruling AAP, BJP and Congress are in a three-pronged struggle.

The vote count will take place on February 11.

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