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Coronavirus outbreak: PM Modi offers help from India to China | India News

NEW DELHI: While China staggers under a deadly coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transmitted to Chinese President Xi Jinping India his willingness to provide assistance to the country to deal with the situation.

In a letter to Xi, Prime Minister Modi expressed his solidarity with the president and the people of China for the outbreak of the virus, official sources said.

A total of 811 people have died from coronavirus infection in China so far, while the number of confirmed cases has increased to 37,198, according to the latest data published by the Chinese authorities.

Although the epicenter of the outbreak was Hubei Province, the virus has spread to almost all the provinces of China, as well as to about 25 countries around the world, which forced the World Health Organization to declare it a global emergency.

In the letter to Xi, Prime Minister Modi offered India’s assistance to China to meet the challenge and also expressed condolences for the unfortunate loss of life due to the outbreak, sources said.

The prime minister also conveyed his gratitude to Xi for facilitating the evacuation of some 650 Indian citizens from Hubei province last week.

A considerable number of countries have evacuated their citizens from China and restricted the movement of people and goods to and from China.

India has also imposed restrictions on the movement of people to and from China as part of precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus.

In an interview with PTI, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong said Wednesday that China is ready to work with India to strengthen communication and coordination, and to safeguard the health and safety of Indian citizens in China.

Admitting that there could be a short-term impact of the epidemic on China’s economy, he said the country’s internal resilience is growing and that it has extensive resources and policy tools to address the economic volatility resulting from the outbreak.

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