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Young lion walks 60 km with a gang of 3 to have a good time with the lioness in Gujarat | Rajkot News

RAJKOT: How far would a lover go to meet his girlfriend? Those lovers can even go “saat samundar paar” (across the seven seas).

But this young lion struck by Cupid does not need to cross the seven seas. Walk a distance of around 50-60 km from Rajula, along with these three friends, to meet a lioness near Savarkundla once every fifteen days! This strange phenomenon has been observed by lion trackers and locals living in the villages of Rajula and Savarkundla talukas of Amreli during the past year.

In fact, these four males, believed to be between 4 and 5 years old, have practically established their supremacy over a massive area that includes parts of the Bhavnagar district as well. While they are constantly on the move, starting from the town of Dungar near Rajula, after arriving in Ambardi near Savarkundla, while the room is left behind with a lioness there.

“Interestingly, the other three do not want to be ‘kabab mein haddi’ and allow their friend to spend some private moments with the lioness,” said a lion tracer in Amreli who has been with the forestry department for several years.

Sandeep Kumar, deputy curator of the forest (DCF), Shetrunji range, said: “It is commonly observed that three or four lions join together well when they are in the nomadic stage. They venture into new territories and move into large areas. But it is a temporary association. In this process, they also find women. ”

Lions originate from Patda in the Dhari range of Gir (east), but they moved to Dungar near Rajula a year ago.

The forest department trackers confirmed the behavior of these four and said that it is their terror that others proudly make an act of disappearance when they see them approaching their area. In fact, they have also extended their reign to the coastal area of ​​Mahua in the district of Bhavnagar.

His ferocity has left many proud in the region petrified, who take advantage of livestock at will and also squat on internal roads.

“There is a pride in Vadal that quickly moves to safer places to see them arrive,” said another tracker.

On Friday, the four lions were seen near the village of Rajula in Dhareshwar, sources said. Himanshu Bhatt, from Savarkundla and part of the lion conservation program, said: “This is the first time we have seen a group of lions moving along 200 square kilometers.”

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