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Does China seek court approval to kill 20,000 coronavirus patients?



Many people share an article published on a ‘ab-tc.com’ website also known as’ City News’ with a headline that says: ‘China seeks court approval to kill the more than 20,000 coronavirus patients to avoid a greater spread of the virus’. worldwide on social media platforms and instant messaging applications such as ‘news’.

ABTC Article

The article that spells China as ‘Chhina’ in the first sentence says: “The highest level of the court in Chhina, the Supreme People’s Court, is expected to approve on Friday the mass killing of coronavirus patients in China as a means safe to control the spread of the deadly virus. ”

The article refers to a ‘document’ that the ‘State’ presented to the court saying: “the country can lose all its citizens if the few affected patients do not sacrifice their lives to save health workers and a billion more because there is no hope in sight in the fight against the virus (sic). ”


The website ‘ab-tc.com’ shared such alarming content by attributing it to a ‘local correspondent’, that is, without a byline.

Not even a credible media outlet worldwide has reported that China requested permission from the Supreme People’s Court to kill more than 20,000 patients infected with coronavirus as a measure to contain the spread of the virus.

We scanned the website to see if there is a disclaimer that says the content published on the website is fiction / satire, but we couldn’t find it. In fact, there isn’t even a ‘About us’ page with details about the website or about the people who run it.

Snopes fact check The article in question mentions how the website has led, in the past, fake news several times. The fact-finding report also mentions how the website in question does not support any of the claims made with any type of evidence or links to credible media reports.

The official website of the Supreme People’s Court of China He does not mention this particular court case in the City News article.

The government of Singapore, on January 30, 2020,
issued a statement on its official website with the title ‘Corrections and clarifications on falsehoods published by the’ website ‘of AB-TC City News’, publishing an article published on ab-tc.com that states that five Singaporean citizens contracted coronaviruses without going to China. This incident is further proof that such a website cannot be trusted.

Times Fact Check cannot refute the claim made by ‘ab-tc.com’ also known as ‘City News’ in the article in question, but due to all the reasons mentioned above and considering the fact that this website is the source The main complaint, we warn all readers that they are alert and do not believe in this claim unless a credible media outlet informs them.

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