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The acquittal of the Senate sets the stage for Donald Trump’s visit to India


WASHINGTON: The acquittal of President Donald Trump by the US Senate. UU. He has set the stage for what is planned to be an exciting visit to India, with some boxes remaining to mark between now and February 24 when he is expected to land in New Delhi.

The White House has not yet formally announced the visit, Trump’s first to India as president and one of the rare bilateral solo visits during his term, but officials from both sides are working diligently on the details and the fine print for ensure that both leaders, PM Modi and Donald Trump, have something to rejoice in the midst of the immense internal political turmoil in both countries.

India’s new ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Sandhu, on Thursday asked the president of the Oval Office of the White House to present his credentials, accompanied by his wife Reenat Sandhu, who is the ambassador of India in Italy. “The president fondly recalled his friendship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his various interactions,” the Indian embassy said in a bland statement after the meeting, avoiding any mention of the visit to India.

Sandhu also avoided any mention of the visit at a welcome reception later in the evening, when he spoke of “unlimited potential” in ties between New Delhi and Washington, having returned to serve in his fourth place in the US. UU. of a return home.

In part, this is because both sides still strive to seal a trade agreement that is a kind of obsession with President Trump, but that has been difficult to close due to India’s persistence in protecting its economic actions. .

There are also logistical problems in New Delhi that want to present Trump with a celebratory canvas to delight in and US security concerns with a president who is an irritable traveler outside the country. There is also the new additional complication of the coronavirus that is beginning to curse trips abroad.

Both Indian and American officials distrust talking about the visit and the schedule and precise locations given Trump’s notoriously unstable temperament that has led him to cancel several visits abroad, including one to Denmark last year because he thought the Prime Minister The country responded rudely to the suggestion of selling Greenland to the United States.

In fact, Trump has only made a solo bilateral state visit during his tenure (to Japan); Most of the other visits abroad have been multilateral outings or visits to a number of countries in a region.

So far, the indications indicate that this will be an individual visit to India; Trump himself rejected the suggestion that he also visit Pakistan during the trip.

The elegant coast of Sabarmati, a new Motera stadium and the huge statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat are among the sites that are considered accessories for the visit during which the first lady Melania Trump is expected to accompany the president. There is also a stop at the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Advanced American teams have returned to the US. UU. And an evaluation is being conducted on where President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi could hold their informal conversations and offer an opportunity to take photos of a media battalion that is expected to descend at events. The White House has initiated a media registry for the visit.

While official meetings and conversations are expected to take place in New Delhi, Gujarat is expected to host the informal aspects of the visit. The three sites considered in Ahmedabad have a kind of real estate and infrastructure element that would be attractive to the Trump real estate agent, who, according to his own pronouncement in the three years, has been in office, has never exceeded his passion and eye for Develop properties

The bank of the Sabarmati River, which is also one of Prime Minister Modi’s favorite projects and the characteristic achievement, is expected to form the backdrop for a walk and an informal “chai pe charcha”.

The piece of resistance is expected to be a “Kem cho Trump!” (Howdy Trump!) Rally at the new Motera stadium, returns praise for the “Howdy Modi!” A demonstration in Houston that Trump, according to US officials, has not stopped talking about.

It is said that hectic efforts are being made to put the finishing touches on the reconstructed Motera stadium (formerly Sardar Patel stadium), including the construction of a temporary helipad that will be one of the largest sports stadiums in the world when it opens.

Although Trump is no stranger to the big stadiums (there are at least half a dozen football stadiums in the U.S. with capacity for more than 100,000, including the Michigan stadium in Ann Arbor, the Kyle Field stadium in Texas and the stadium Beaver in Pennsylvania), a crowd of more than 100,000 in a political party The demonstration will be a new experience for a president who was impressed by the 50,000 people who attended the Howdy Modi demonstration in Houston.

The reason why New Delhi chooses to host Trump in Gujarat is not only because it is the local territory of Prime Minister Modi with some infrastructure to boast, but also because many supporters of Indian-American Trump in the US. UU. They are of Gujaratí origin.

In fact, the Trump family and organization have maintained long-standing ties with real estate agents and Gujarati businessmen prior to their rise to the White House.

Among them is Kalpesh Mehta, founder of Tribeca Developers, and like Trump, a Wharton graduate, who pioneered the concept of branded real estate in India and introduced the Trump brand into the local market. Another businessman and executive director of American Indian technology in Gujarati, Sanjay Shah, is the owner of an elegant $ 17 million Trump Tower apartment in Chicago.

In fact, the development of the Sabarmati river bank actually has echoes of the Chicago river bank in front of the Trump Tower in the City of Wind.

According to some reports, India is said to be the second largest market of the Trump Organization outside of North America, with almost a dozen properties in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, but so far none in Ahmedabad / Gandhi Nagar.

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