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The UP government allocates 5 acres for the mosque in Ayodhya, 25 km from the temple site and near the Lucknow Highway | India News

LUCKNOW: Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the formation of a 15-member trust to oversee the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, the UP cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal to give the Sunq Central Waqf Board of UP a five-acre site located 25 km from the Ram Janmabhoomi site to build a mosque.

“As advised by the Supreme Court in its verdict of November 9, 2019, five acres of land have been allocated for the mosque at a location 18 km from the headquarters of the Faizabad district,” said government spokesman Shrikant Sharma . “Located in the village of Dhannipur in the Sohawal tehsil of Ayodhya, the plot is just 200 meters from the Lucknow-Gorakhpur road, which will guarantee easy access to a mosque. The proposal has received the assent of the cabinet. ”


The Faizabad district was officially renamed Ayodhya on November 13, 2018, although many people continue to refer to it by its former name. The adjoining city of Faizabad officially retains its original name.

UP government spokesman Shrikant Sharma said district officials had presented three options to the state cabinet. “The government sent a restricted list of plots near the highways that pass through Ayodhya to the Center, which chose that of the Dhannipur village on the Lucknow-Gorakhpur road.”

According to the official, the proximity of the plot to a highway and a police station (Raunahi) changed the decision in his favor. “The proximity to the highway means that pilgrims can easily reach the mosque. A nearby police station makes it an even better option, since maintaining community harmony, law and order is also a priority, ”he said.

Government sources said that Hindu litigants demanded that the lands for the mosque be allocated outside the “panchkosi parikarma”, the traditional 15km route that devotees take to pay tribute to Lord Ram in Ayodhya. “Dhannipur also made the cut in this regard. It is 18 km from the headquarters of the Faizabad district and 25 km from the temple site, ”said an official.

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