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Omar, Mehbooba booked under PSA on the last day of his detention | India News


SRINAGAR: Former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti, were booked Thursday night under the strict Public Security Law (PSA), just hours before the end of their “preventive detention” of six months

Earlier in the day, the PSA also received two unconditional political abuses from NC and its arch-rival PDP.

A magistrate accompanied by a police officer arrived in Hari Nivas where Omar, 49, has been detained since August 5, the day the Center repealed the special status of the former state and also announced its fork in two territories of the Union: Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

He was given an order issued under the PSA, a law that was enacted by his grandfather Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah in 1978 initially to verify the smuggling of wood.

Addressing the public service announcement about prominent Kashmir politicians denies the claim of normality of the Center in J&K: Matches

The main parties reacted sharply on Thursday to the application of the strict Public Security Law (PSA) on four prominent Kashmir politicians, including two former prime ministers, and said the measure belies the claim of normality of the Center in the territory of the Union

The PSA, which was useful for the police force to reserve separatists and militant supporters, has two sections: “public order” and “threat to state security.” The first allows detention without trial for six months and the second for two years.

Omar, who was foreign minister and trade minister in the cabinet headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2000, received a three-page file in which he allegedly made statements in the past that were “subversive” in nature.

Omar, who was the prime minister of the state from 2009 to 2014, rose to fame in 2008 with his famous five-minute speech in Parliament when, despite being in opposition, he supported the Indo-US nuclear agreement.

“I am Muslim and I am Indian,” he said. “And I see no distinction between the two. I don’t know why I should fear the nuclear agreement. It’s an agreement between two countries that, I hope, will become two equals in the future,” Omar said and warned that The enemy of Indian Muslims It was not the United States or businesses like these.

Omar’s father, Farooq Abdullah, was hired under the PSA in September last year, which was reviewed again in December for a period of three months.

Similarly, the magistrate and a police officer visited Mehbooba Mufti in the government’s accommodation, which had become a subsidiary prison, and was given the file in which his 2010 statements were cited as reasons to keep her detained. .

The Mufti PDP was an ally of the BJP from 2014 and the two had formed a government in the previous state until 2018 when the BJP suddenly withdrew its support and the governor’s government was imposed.

Iltija, Mufti’s daughter, said their lives resemble a ‘Orwellian dystopia’ in which the establishment admits no dissent or differences of opinion.

“A government that shows total disregard for our Constitution and is willing to sacrifice the values ​​of equality, fraternity and social justice at the altar of power,” he said.

The secretary general and former minister of the National Conference, Ali Mohammed Sagar, who runs a support base in the city center, received a PSA notification from the authorities.

Similarly, the main leader of the PDP, Sartaj Madani, was hired under the PSA. Madani is the maternal uncle of former Prime Minister Mehbooba Mufti.

Both Sagar and Madani were arrested after the repression of August 5 by the Center against politicians.

His six-month preventive custody ended Thursday.

Earlier, officials had said that former North Carolina lawmaker, Bashir Ahmed Veeri, was also booked under the PSA, but then it turned out that he had been released.

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