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Kerala News: how liquor flowed from the faucets in these Kerala houses | Kochi News


THRISSUR: The usual Sunday afternoon for residents of a housing complex in Chalakkudy near the Thrissur district turned out to be a smelly affair when the tap water in their houses reeked of liquor.
Curious residents pinched their noses in the open pit located in the complex only to find the source of the bad smell.
The incident came to light when one Joshy Maliyekkal, owner of an apartment complex near the Chalakudy bus stop, started the engine to fill his house’s water tank. The 18 worried families who get supplies from the nearby well complained that the water smelled and tasted like liquor.
V G Joji, the neighborhood councilor, told TOI that residents will receive water connections from the Kerala Water Authority.
“Families used well water for the past few years and it was the only source of drinking water for them,” he said.
“We have been providing drinking water to affected families for the past two days with the help of the municipality of Chalakkudy. We cleaned the well eight times. We will provide drinking water to affected families until the matter is resolved,” said the deputy commissioner of taxes. TK said Sanu specials.

Special tax officials and a bar owner had dug a well in the complex of a nearby bar, where they had dumped a lot of liquor.
“Special tax officials threw more than 4,500 liters of liquor into a well. However, they could not verify the area around them. Officials did not know there was a well nearby,” he said.
“I asked the owner of the department to file a complaint against the officials behind the incident. However, the plaintiffs said they just wanted to solve the problem of drinking water,” Sanu said.

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