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India could consider a request to evacuate Pakistani citizens from China: MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar | India News

NEW DELHI: Despite virtually nonexistent relations with its western neighbor, India would consider a request from Pakistan to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan, affected by the coronavirus, if such a request is made, said MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar.

In response to questions from reporters after several videos of Pakistani students appeared asking India to evacuate them, the MEA spokesman said: “We have not received such a request from the government of Pakistan. But if such a situation arises and considering the available resources, we can investigate it. ”

The Pakistani government said last week that they would not evacuate their citizens from China, both “in solidarity” with the Chinese people, and that they would place full confidence in the handling of the pandemic by China. Pakistan’s ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi, was quoted on Sunday as saying that his students should not be evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, affected by the virus, since “medical facilities in Pakistan do not meet the standards” necessary for treat a patient diagnosed with the coronavirus. . However, in recent days, Pakistani students have taken other flights to return to Pakistan, but without the quarantine procedure being followed in other countries.

The MEA spokesman also said that India has evacuated 647 Indians and 7 Maldives from China, affected by the coronavirus. “It was a complex operation and we thank the Chinese government for their support and facilitation during this exercise,” the spokesman said. He added that, in addition, another 10 Indians have indicated that they want to return from China, but could not erase the health evaluation process. “We are in regular contact with them and explore all possibilities for their return,” Kumar said.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, normal visas and all existing Chinese electronic visas that have already been issued are no longer valid, he said. “Indian citizens have been advised to refrain from traveling to China. People traveling to China from now on will be quarantined on their return. Separately, the trip to India from China with an electronic visa has been suspended. temporarily. This applies to passport holders and Chinese applicants of other nationalities residing in the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. ”

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