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Better schools, not CAA, will build 21st century India: Arvind Kejriwal | India News

NEW DELHI: Emphasizing its development agenda for the city, even when BJP tries to corner it in protests against the CAA in Shaheen Bagh, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal told TOI in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that “India of 21st century will not be built by CAA and NRC but by having better schools, colleges and hospitals. ”

He accused Union Interior Minister Amit Shah of allowing Shaheen Bagh’s blockade of a critical highway to rot for a month and a half just for electoral gains. “He is the Interior Minister of India and the most powerful man in the country. No one is going to believe that Amit Shah cannot open a path,” he said. The CM said that BJP had no explanation for non-compliance in corporations and that there was no He was able to counteract the work done by his government despite many attempts.Then, finally, he had to try a Hindu-Muslim polarization.

Kejriwal said he stayed away from Shaheen Bagh, Jamia and JNU because these are matters of public order and that he had a different responsibility. It is up to Amit Shah to address it. But he blamed the Center for the situation in the universities, saying that party politics should be kept away from university campuses.

Such a policy was making parents feel insecure about their children, he said. Claiming that he had cordial relations with Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, Kejriwal said earlier that he had been pushed into a confrontation with the Center against his wishes. When the new elected government of Delhi felt that it could not do anything, it made them restless. But the SC ruling that clarifies the separation of powers restored peace.

When asked if Nirbhaya’s parents blamed him for the delay in the execution of the convicted, Kejriwal said they were simple people and were being deceived. He said the AAP government had no role to play in the entire process, since the police were not under the city government.

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