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Be a spectator every day with Myntra Insider Masterclass

We are all familiar with the “what to wear” dilemma. We have been there at least once, if not several, while contemplating a fully stocked closet, unable to understand what to wear for that brunch or how to hit the evaluation meeting with a sharp look or contemplate whether the dress up to the knee from the Date could also lead to a cocktail ceremony. Regardless of what life has in store for us, it is essential to adapt to different occasions, without losing the essence of our personal choices and individuality.

We also often put our faith in our friends to help us solve our style problems. It may not really work all the time. Your 2 cents may not work with our preferences. Many times we turn to celebrities for inspiration. But looking elegant without effort is not a single person’s task. Even our dearest celebrities are saved by their superhero stylists. These fashion experts whip their wands and evoke looks, not only at the airport or in the gym, but also in fashion statements that are never really forgotten.

Wouldn’t you sometimes like to have someone who could put an end to your costume problems? Someone who understood who you are as a person and used his experience to make you look like a showtopper every day. Someone who could save your friends from constant pings about your fashion dilemmas. Someone who could explain the A-Z style. Well, it seems like you’re in luck, after all, thanks to the
Myntra Insider Master Class.


Myntra Insider members can take advantage of their accumulated points and get the best fashion tips with this unique offer. To want to participate in different types of style mantras, you can simply use the
Internal points earned while shopping in Myntra. What awaits you is a master class with the best celebrity stylists from India such as Tanya Ghavri, Esha Amin, Ami Patel, Sanjay Kumar, Mohit Rai, Aastha Sharma and Amandeep Kaur, for a year. How great is that!


These classes will cover different topics such as wedding fashion, party fashion, street fashion, ethnic fashion, work clothes, retro clothes, holiday clothes and more. With all this knowledge of fashion, you can maintain your own distinctive look and turn your head in your direction much more easily. These sessions will be broadcast on television at certain times of the day, and users can also ask questions and get answers from the team of stylists.


Another interesting thing is that these stylists have assembled sets of looks for different occasions as collections of selected products, exclusively for
Myntra Insider members. This additional benefit of Myntral Insider will make it even more attractive. Myntra Insiders can continue to enjoy additional savings, early access to flagship sales, limited edition products, priority access to brand launches. Myntra Insider points also benefited users with special discounts, gift vouchers, etc. However, this opportunity to have a specially curated Myntra Insider master class is surely the most lucrative option for all fashionistas.

Myntra Insider Master Class It is a golden opportunity for you to expand the idea of ​​your manners and not. You will surely be surprised at how much you can experience and clean up your everyday styles with few challenges. With top-notch celebrity stylists from India at your fingertips, get ready to renew that closet with some super cool fashion selections.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Myntra by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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