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‘Youth will …’: Rahul warns Prime Minister Modi of anger over lack of work | Election of Delhi 2020 Election News


NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said Wednesday that the country’s youth would hit Prime Minister Modi if his government did not provide them with work.
Warning to Prime Minister Modi about the anger of young people for lack of work, Rahul at an election rally in Delhi said: “The prime minister will not be able to leave his home. The youth of this country will hit him with sticks and make him do it understand that this country cannot make progress without providing jobs for young people. ”
“The unemployment rate in India is at a maximum of 45 years, but Narendra Modi and Nirmala Sitharaman did not talk about it in Presidential Budget or Speech. Each and every young person in the country is asking for work. This is the reality. “Rahul said later. He told the news agency ANI.
Earlier, Rahul attacked both Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, saying that both teach patriotism to people that are not necessary because “all citizens of the country are patriots.”
“Narendra Modi ji and Kejriwal ji teach patriotism to people. It is not necessary since all citizens of the country are patriots. This (portraying some people as anti-nationals, etc.) is just a way of dividing people”, Gandhi said while addressing a meeting in Kondli here.
The leader of the Congress also claimed that in the last five years the communal harmony of India has deteriorated.
“In the past five years, India’s environment has deteriorated, have you noticed? The peace and brotherhood that prevailed before are not there. If a 10-year-old girl (sitting in the crowd) can understand that, then I’m sure others will understand, too, “he said.
On video: unemployed youth will not let him out of his house, Rahul Gandhi attacks Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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