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Shaheen Bagh shooter an AAP worker: Police | India News


NEW DELHI: Delhi police said on Tuesday that the 29-year-old man, Kapil Baisla (aka Gurjar), who had fired into the air at the Shaheen Bagh protest site while shouting pro-Hindu slogans on Saturday night, is a Aam Aadmi’s match. employee. This was confirmed by DCP (crime branch) Rajesh Deo.

Baisla, who had been caught from the scene by the police, allegedly claimed during the interrogation that he and his father, Gaje Singh, were members of the AAP and had registered at the party in early 2019. Police said the branch of the crime had deleted data. from Baisla’s phone retrieved through forensic experts and found a series of photographs that validate his alleged claims.

Father, brother, say there is no AAP link

The police denied the allegations that he had leaked the photographs. The sources claimed that the photographs had been sent to Kapil Baisla by a third person, who had clicked on them at the event. These images were also shared in a WhatsApp group, which has dozens of members.

The photographs show Sanjay Singh, member of Rajya Sabha of AAP, putting on the party hat for Baisla and the latter meeting with the AAP net. I also had some pictures of Baisla posing with guns. The photographs are from 2019 and were saved in a backup copy. “Before arriving at the place, Baisla had disconnected from WhatsApp and uninstalled it, but he was asked to log in again and the photographs were stored in the WhatsApp image folder,” a source said. The Delhi Police SIT has launched an investigation to establish whether there was any type of conspiracy. Crime Branch has taken Baisla to a two-day pretrial detention and will interrogate him to find out if someone had asked him to carry out the shooting. His father and brother are also expected to join the investigation. The police went to Baisla’s house but found the missing father. They had arrested his friend, Sarthak, on Tuesday for helping him.

DCP (crime) Rajesh Deo said Baisla had said he had joined AAP along with a dozen other people, including his father, in early 2019. Police officers said they had found several tweets of AAP workers on May 4. 2019 announcing the father of Baisla Gaje Singh, then the president of the BSP district and Baisla joined the party in the presence of high-ranking members of the AAP.

However, Baisla’s father, Singh, and his brother, Sachin, who disappeared, posted a video message from an undisclosed location, saying they had nothing to do with AAP. “Every year, during the elections, several parties approach us and make us wear their cap or party symbol as a sign of respect. We have nothing to do with AAP, this is being done to defame us. No one in our family has been with AAP, ”said Sachin. Gaje said the AAP net had approached him during an election campaign and put on his cap. “They had asked me to join, but I have nothing to do with the party. Even BJP had approached me, but I also rejected them, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the police have established the sequence of events before the shooting. Baisla and Sarthak took the DND to reach Maharani Bagh from the Dallupura of eastern Delhi. They traveled on the KTM bike from Baisla. After communicating with Shaheen Bagh, Baisla gave Sarthak his phone and asked him to give it to his family.

The police also identified the man who had supplied the gun to Baisla seven years ago and a chase was launched to catch him. Baisla’s interrogation reports quote him saying: “I had hidden the gun in my pants while traveling, but as it had become uncomfortable, I stopped and went into a bathroom at Holy Family Hospital and hid it under my jacket,” he said. The police have reserved Baisla and Sarthak for attempted murder and under sections of the Weapons Law.

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