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Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz calls himself “famous” at a press conference; Sidharth Shukla laughs


The creators of Bigg Boss 13 organized a press conference with the media and housemates received some blunt questions about them. A journalist asked Asim Riaz about confessing his love for the actress and former contestant Himanshi Khurana while in a relationship with someone outside the house.

This question left Asim furious and made a statement that he had no girlfriend outside. Asim said that now that he is famous, two or three other people could go out and claim to be his girlfriend. Hearing this, Sidharth Shukla laughed out loud. Check out the promotion here:

Paras Chhabra was also asked if he would continue his relationship with Mahira Sharma outside. To which, he said he now has less people’s expectations and also has certain trust issues. However, he added that we see how he is outside the house.

Mahira Sharma was accused of not taking criticism too hard. The contestant retaliated by saying that if good things are criticized, she cannot take them. Shehnaz Gill was also labeled “flipper” and also said she used to entertain housemates before, but now she has become more irritating.

A journalist told Shehnaz that forcing someone to say ‘I love you’ and hitting oneself is irritating and not entertaining. The Punjabi singer clarified this by saying that this is how she is, but that she has learned to control her emotions at home here. He also added that he cannot always please the audience because sometimes the person becomes very sad.

Let’s see how classmates will react inside the house after this press conference.

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