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Shooter Shaheen Bagh: political war breaks out over the ‘AAP link’ of shooter Shaheen Bagh; family denies Delhi police claim | India News


NEW DELHI: A war of words broke out between the BJP and the Aam Aadmi party on Tuesday after the Delhi police said the man who shot at Shaheen Bagh is a member of the party led by Arvind Kejriwal even when the shooter’s family refuted the Claim.

Kapil Baisala and his father joined the AAP in early 2019, Deputy Police Commissioner (Crime Branch) Rajesh Deo told reporters today.

The officer said that Baisala’s mobile phone was seized and police recovered WhatsApp data and photos of him and his father joining the Aam Aadmi Party.

The police also published photographs of Baisala along with leaders and volunteers of the AAP.

Shortly after the claim by the Delhi police, the BJP lashed out at the AAP and accused Kejriwal of playing with the country’s security.

“I want to make it clear to Kejriwal that this country is bigger than any election, any government, and the country will not forgive those who play with their safety. The people of Delhi will give an adequate response,” the BJP president tweeted, J P Nadda.

The AAP, however,

questioned the moment
and the motive behind the claim of the Delhi Police and said it would approach the Electoral Commission against the DCP.

“The model code of conduct is in effect and the DCP Crime Branch Rajesh Deo says that photos of the AAP members have been found and we are investigating how many people are involved in the conspiracy. Amit Shah is telling Rajesh Deo to say these things? instructions that dared to do this, “asked the leader of the AAP, Sanjay Singh.

Singh sought to know why Deo claimed that the shooter belonged to AAP when the matter was still under investigation.

“Tomorrow we will complain to the Electoral Commission (EC) against Rajesh Deo,” Singh said during a press conference.

Earlier, Singh had claimed that the incident was a “BJP conspiracy” and “another example of the party’s dirty policy.”

Meanwhile, Baisala’s family refuted the police claim and said the family has no political ties.

Baisala’s uncle, Fatesh Singh, said: “I have no idea where these photographs are circulating. My nephew Kapil had no association with any political party or any other family member. My brother Gaje Singh, (Kapil’s father) he fought in the assembly elections in 2008 for Bahujan Samaj Party and lost. After that, no one in our family had any ties to any political party. ”

Singh added that Kapil also has no friends associated with the AAP or with any other political party.

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