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Muslim woman seeks the right to offer namaz in mosques 5 times a day | India News


NEW DELHI: Discounting the ambivalent position of the Muslim Personal Law Board of all India that seemed to support the entry of women into mosques, a Muslim couple based in Pune on Monday asked the Supreme Court to lead the mosque’s efforts to allow women to offer namaz five times a day in masjids after making provisions for separate enclosures.

The AIMPLB had told the SC last week: “A Muslim woman is free to enter the mosque to pray. It is her option to exercise her right to make use of the facilities available for prayer in the mosque. AIMPLB does not want to comment on no religious opinion on this subject. ”

The AIMPLB refused to join the issue with other community members who believe that Muslim women should not enter mosques, said: “Islam has not forced Muslim women to join congregational prayers nor is it mandatory that women offer Namaz Friday in the congregation. it is so for Muslim men. ” But the petitioners, Yasmeen Zuber Ahmad Peerzade and her husband Zuber Ahmad Nazeer Ahmad Peerzade de Pune, said in a sworn statement that they had written to the president and the trustees of Mohammadiya Jama Masjid, Jamatul Muslimeen, Bopodi, Pune, asking permission to enter the mosque. and offers namaz five times a day, as well as other namaz like ‘Juma namaz’, ‘taravih namaz’ and ‘Eid namaz’.

They also said that the mosque administration should provide “facilities to offer Namaz while they are allowed to keep their purdah, that is, in a place separate from men.”

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