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Coronavirus: other states can learn from Kerala – editorials


Kerala’s response to the coronavirus (there are three confirmed cases in the state) has been so complete and rapid that other states have asked him to share his protocols with them. The system established after the nipah outbreak, which claimed 17 lives in the state, was continuous and multi-level. His first line of defense against contagious diseases involves immigration officials, police, panchayats and local health volunteers and, of course, health professionals. There is a solid awareness campaign. Around 2,239 people are under surveillance for coronaviruses and 84 are in hospitals. A tracking system monitors everyone who enters the state from high-risk destinations and also those who have come into contact with suspicious cases.

The Kerala Ministry of Health has linked its five airports with ambulances and emergency response rooms in district hospitals. Any passenger with symptoms that enters from an airport or seaport is transferred to a linked hospital and doctors are contacted, after which family members are alerted. This is the only way to contain the virus that spreads rapidly. It helps that the state’s enviable primary health care system has been constantly updated. Paramedics have been trained to deal with emergencies, as well as a large number of workers involved in the health system, from drivers to cleaning staff. The state’s battle against the nipah virus was recognized as an example. With the threat of the coronavirus in sight, other states must learn from Kerala.

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