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IPL 2020 Horoscope: Defending champions Mumbai Indians should look to go even this season


A 2020 horoscope for IPL sides.

Can Rohit Sharma and Mumbai Indians break the odd year streak and go even this season? Will Virat Kohli finally get his hands on the prize? Here’s a look at what the stars say for IPL franchises in 2020:


The year 2020 may be one of firsts for Mumbai Indians who haven’t won the title in an even year. While the stars may have favoured Rohit Sharma previously in odd years (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019), it’s time to go even this season.


It’s a season to let past relationships go (even if they go to Mumbai) and focus on strengthening existing ones. Don’t be afraid to Russell up some trouble as risk can bring greater reward.


There are those who are stuck reflecting on past glories and then there’s you who can draw strength and inspiration from them. It is important to remember that with age comes wisdom, and probably a title or two.


After a tumultuous 2019, it’s time to Stoke the flames of good form and aim with the precision of an Archer for a season of glory. As Royals, don’t be afraid to ask the Buttler to help you get the title home this season.


A new dawn and a new era await you in 2020. Don’t be afraid to hang on to those who are ‘keepers – they are said to be born leaders. Retain your faith in those famed for experience, their Gayle storms of quality can tide you through in tough times.


Years of feeling hard done by have a chance to be avenged this season as a familiar face returns while others depart. Trust in the king and he shall deliver. It could just be lucky 13 for you – count your steps and runs well!


‘W’ is the lucky letter going into a season of renewed hope. In the Afghan magician you must place your trust if you wish to make your home a fortress again. Fortunes may ‘swing’ your way if you entrust your best with the task of creating openings!


Trust in the innovation of youth, even if you need to bring back some familiar faces to remind yourself of the value of experience. A wise head behind all operations is crucial to ‘Point’ you in the right direction!

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