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‘Respect sovereign processes of fellow legislatures’: Om Birla to EU Parliament prez over CAA resolution | India News


NEW DELHI: With the European Union Parliament set to introduce an anti-CAA resolution, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla on Monday wrote to the EU Parliament president saying it was “inappropriate” for one legislature to pass judgment on another.

The resolution, tabled by European United Left/Nordic Green Left Group, is set to be debated on Wednesday and voted upon the day after.

In his letter addressed to president of the European Parliament Brussels, David Maria Sassoli, Birla said, “As members of the Inter Parliamentary Union, we should respect the sovereign processes of fellow legislatures, especially in democracies. It is inappropriate for one legislature to pass judgement on another, a practice that can surely be misused by vested interests.”

The Lok Sabha speaker asserted the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was aimed at granting easier citizenship to those who have been subjected to religious persecution in India’s neighbourhood.

He also mentioned that the legislation was passed after due deliberation by both Houses of the Indian Parliament. Birla also asserted that the act was not aimed at taking away citizenship from anybody.

In his letter, Birla urged Sassoli to consider the proposed resolution, saying that he was confident that an “unhealthy precedent” would not be set.

The government had earlier urged the sponsors and supporters of the draft resolution to engage with India to get a full and accurate assessment of the facts before taking any further action.

The government had also reiterated that CAA was not discrimination against any religion and that even European societies in the past had followed the same approach.

Official government sources had maintained that the CAA was an entirely internal matter of India and that the legislation was adopted through democratic means after a debate in both houses of Parliament.

The draft resolution made a reference to the Charter of the United Nations, Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the India-EU Strategic Partnership Joint Action Plan signed in November 2005, and to the EU-India Thematic Dialogue on Human Rights.

Of the 751 members of the EU Parliament, 626 have moved six resolutions on the twin issues of CAA and reorganisation of J&K.

“The CAA marks a dangerous shift in the way citizenship will be determined in India,” the resolution said. “Instead of addressing concerns, offering corrective action, calling for security forces to act with restraint and ensuring accountability, many government leaders have been engaging in efforts to discredit, rebuke and threaten the protesters,” it said.

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