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Bigg Boss 13: Asim says, Paras and Mahira both have partners outside, but are faking a relationship on the show


Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma’s friendship has become one of the most discussed topics this season. While the two have been time and again saying that they are good friends and it is Paras, who has feelings for, few housemates refuse to believe this. In the latest episode, Asim Riaz was seen discussing with Rashami Desai about Paras and Mahira’s friendship.

He tells Rashami that he feels Paras and Mahira both are more than friends, but they are pretending and faking just to be friends with each other. He also adds that Paras is using Mahira for the game. He says that both Mahira and Paras have their lovers outside, but they are faking a relationship here just to be in a game. They don’t know that it is not a game. He criticises both of them.

Later, Rashami, Vishal and Asim discuss and strategise about nominations. Vishal advises Asim to take on Paras and Mahira, while Asim says they should target Paras and Arti. In the episode, both Mahira and Sidharth spoke about Shehnaz’s flipping attitude wherein Sidharth told Salman that her flipping might be entertaining for the audience, but it hurts people who are close to her. Mahira also stated in front of host Salman that she can’t be loyal to anyone.

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