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Happy Republic Day 2020: Speech ideas for kids and adults


On 26th January, India celebrates Republic Day, which is the anniversary of the day India became a Republic nation, governed by the Constitution of India rather than the Government of India Act. It is a national holiday and the day is celebrated countrywide with pride. The most exciting part of the day is the military parade held in the national capital, New Delhi, which demonstrates the country’s military capability and the diverse cultural heritage.

There are other parades and celebrations held all over the country to celebrate every citizens love for their motherland. Schools, in particular, organise special functions to celebrate the day and spread knowledge about various aspects related to our country. Plays, parades and music performances are popular, both at schools and at community levels. Speeches are an important part all of these functions. If you have been given the honour of giving a speech or your child has to give a speech for their school function and you need some inspiration, here are some ideas to help you write a great speech.

Our long struggle for independence
India’s independence struggles is known for the non-violent way it was conducted and has inspired many all over the world and continues to do so even today. A speech on the struggle is always relevant. One could also speak on the long journey to attain independence, reminding the audience not to take it for granted.

Our constitution

Our constitution is the document that defines how the country is governed and everyone must know about it thoroughly. A speech that quotes this important document and elaborates on some important aspects of it would be educational and interesting. One can even draw comparisons between our constitution and that of other nations.

Our founding fathers

Our founding fathers were erudite and brave, they fought for our independence and should be an inspiration to our leaders today. A speech on any one of them would be an ode to their contribution in shaping the nation. One can speak on their life, their deeds, their philosophy and how they shaped our nation.

How Indian laws are different from other countries

A country’s laws show it’s ideals. A speech highlighting how our laws differ from other countries and what that says about us is both educational and uniques. One can pick one law in particular or many, depending on how long a speech we have to give,

The symbolism of our national flag

Our tri-colour flag was designed with great thought, every colour and symbol on it representing something. A speech on this would be easy to research and present.

The achievements of our country since independence

Our country has come a long way since independence, with lot of achievements in science, technology, art and development. A speech on any one of the ways it’s grown will surely fill the audience with pride.

Current heroes of the country

Heroes are not just found in history but in the present as well. A speech on someone inspirational, who does something great in service of the country is just what people need to remind them of that. Look at someone who’s doing good work in any field or the story of someone from the military and share that in a speech that’s sure to be inspirational.

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