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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum update, January 24: Sippy family blames Sonakshi for Naren’s suicide attempt


In the latest episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Sippy family is in shock when they see Naren fallen on the ground with blood around him.

They take him to the hospital. Rohit treats his father, Naren. He informs the family that he is in critical condition.

Veena is in shock because of the fact that Naren’s life is in grave danger.

Suman asks Pari not to keep any hopes from Rohan. A servant picks up the call at Sippy mansion and informs about Naren’s condition to Pari.

Pari and Suman arrive at the hospital. Tanya and Rohit ask Pari to leave.

One of the other doctors ask Rohit if he has informed the police about Naren’s case. The doctor says that the police will investigate if it was a suicide attempt, and accident or an attempt to murder.

Rohit says he has informed the police.

Nishi says that Naren might have attempted to commit suicide. Sonakshi tells Nishi that she went to meet Naren and talk about his decision of the property.

Veena and Nishi blame Sonakshi for Naren’s attempt to suicide.

Sonakshi tells others that Nishi and Akash were upset with Naren’s decision. Veena slaps Sonakshi.

Veena tells the police that because of Sonakshi, Naren made an attempt to suicide. Rohit does not support Veena but the police asks Sonakshi to come at the police station for investigation purposes.

Veena falls unconscious.

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