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Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth tells Rashami not to come in between his fight; the former doesn’t want her to get hurt


A big fight erupts between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz during the BB Elite Club task. Rashami talks to Sidharth and says that she saw Vishal getting off the horse but Asim hasn’t seen and he doesn’t want to change his decision.

Rashami tells Sidharth that she will go and speak to Asim.

Rashami goes to speak to Asim, but he doesn’t want to hear her out. Asim tells Rashami that she will either have to listen to Sidharth or him. She has to keep her layer because since the very beginning Sidharth has undermined her. Rashami tells Asim that she doesn’t want to fight with Sidharth anymore.

Rashami goes to talk to Sidharth. He talks politely to Rashami and tells her not to come in between his fight. He doesn’t want her to get hurt. Rashami tries to make him understand and says she didn’t come between. He says that he had noticed that and says that she knows him that he goes out of control when he flares up. Hence, he requests Rashami to stay out of the fight for her own safety.

Rashami goes and speaks to Asim about the same. She tells Asim not to get physical. Asim says why is she suddenly so concerned about the guy who had torn Arhaan’s shirt and why is he suddenly worried about she getting hurt during a fight.

Rashami advises Asim to change his strategy and level up his game. She tells Asim that he shouldn’t get aggressive and not give anyone a chance to point fingers at him.

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