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It’s student anger, no end in sight, Kamal Nath warns on CAA | India News


NEW DELHI: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath has warned BJP that there appears no end in sight for the seemingly unceasing protests against the CAA-NRC-NPR, saying that the agitation is in the hands of students who are angry over not just the divisive policies of the central government but also the economic collapse.
In an interview with TOI, Nath said, “It is difficult to say how long will the agitation continue once the students’ unrest starts. It shows their anger. The Citizen (Amendment) Act is only one manifestation of their anger. There are many reasons for their angst, the key being the prospect of a bleak future, their reduced purchasing power.”
Nath said the “divisive” CAA-NRC was cleverly introduced by the Modi government to divert attention from the economic mess but the tactic has compounded the anger of the people.
“It has been brought to divide the society and divert attention of people from a collapsed economy. But people of India are realising the motive of the BJP government They will not be thugged,” he said, adding: “The government is not talking about farmers, small business or traders. The fact is there is a complete collapse of economy and economic activity is at its lowest ebb.”
The comments from the CM of a state known as BJP stronghold suggest that the political class is not anticipating an end to the issue which has roiled the society and reduced the national debate to a single issue. However, there appears a bid by the Congress-led opposition to frame the CAA as a diversionary tactic of BJP, in a bid to divide the frame with politically beneficial and less polarising economic slowdown. It was also one of the major suggestions made in the recent meeting of Congress Working Committee and in of the opposition parties’ brainstorming last week.
“Is there a war going on? People have Aadhaar numbers, ration cards. What was the desperation to rock the boat?” he asked.
Strongly backing the opposition to CAA, the Congress veteran said contents of the law as well as omissions in it are dangerous for the society. “What is in the Act is bad but what is not in it makes it even worse. There are no safeguards in the law. People will not have documents like birth certificates of their father to prove their religion. And anyone can claim to belong to any religion or he can be wrongfully ascribed a religion,” he argued, suggesting that people would be at the mercy of officials in-charge of the exercise to identify citizens.
Nath said BJP will use the Union budget to further distract people. “I expect the budget to be a desperate one which will promise many things but nothing will be executed or be executable,” he said.

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