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Bengaluru’s Modi Masjid opens its doors to people of all faiths | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: Dozens showed up at Modi Masjid in Tasker Town on Sunday morning after the 170-year-old mosque opened its doors to men and women of all faiths, inviting them to visit and learn more about Islam.

The visitors were taken on a tour of the masjid and various postures of prayer were demonstrated by the organisers. They were told about the teachings and practices in Islam and verses from the Quran were recited. A Q&A session where members of non-Muslim communities voiced their doubts, besides a meditation session, were also held as part of the event. Visitors were given a copy of the Quran to browse through.

The open invitation,‘Visit My Mosque’, to understand Islam better, was issued earlier in the week by Mumbai-based charitable trust Rahmath Group to non-Muslim communities, through social media. The group organised a similar event at the mosque in the past for students of a Christian college.

“The masjid doors were opened to all fellow Indians, on Sunday. We planned such an event to bridge the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. To this day, there continues to be a lot of misconceptions about Islam. This event was aimed at empowering all communities with more information about the Muslim community and try to answer any questions they may have,” said Sadiqh Sailani of Rahmath Group.

“The most common question people raised was regarding the status of women in Islam. People asked questions about Muslim women’s attire and many were of the misconception that women are oppressed. The status of women in Islam is very high and the clothes are more of a religious practice than a social obligation — we explained this to them. A few others raised questions about jihad as well,” said Sadiqh.

The mosque was named after Modi Abdul Gafoor, a 19th century merchant. Apart from this mosque, there are two more mosques are in Bengaluru known as Modi Masjid.

The organisers plan to hold a similar event in the city next month.

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