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Those involved in vandalism now apologize: Yogi Adityanath News – India


GWALIOR: Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, said Saturday that his government decided to seize the property of those who surrendered to vandalism during protests against the Citizenship Act (CAA), after which the protests died.

The BJP leader was running a rally in support of the CAA at GYMC Ground here.

UP CM said there was no violence in its state after the Supreme Court delivered its verdict in the Ayodhya case, paving the way for the construction of ram temple.

“Congress created an environment of violence on the caa issue, but we decided to take over the properties of those who were going mad in violence.

“There’s no vandalism, no protests now, instead the defendant is seeking apologies,” he said.

The “reality of these people” must be revealed, and his government put up posters with photographs of those accused of vandalism in several cities, Adityanath added.

Accusing Congress and other opposition parties of misleading people about the CAA and inciting violence, he said: “This is a law to give citizenship and not to snatch anyone’s rights.

“Congress, which once trampled on the Constitution by imposing the Emergency, is now talking about saving the Constitution. Congressional-ruled states and their allies are talking about not implementing the CAA. Isn’t this a challenge to the Constitution?” he asked.

The need for the CAA would not have arisen if Pakistan had complied with the Nehru-Liaquat agreement, whereby India and Pakistan committed themselves to protecting religious minorities.

“There is a difference between refugees and infiltrators. The infiltrators were involved in terrorist incidents in the country,” the UP’s chief minister said.

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