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The current state of the economy is a temporary phase: Amit Shah to students News – India


GANDHINAGAR: The Union’s interior minister, Amit Shah, said Saturday that the current state of the economy was a “temporary phase,” and that India will become a $5 trillion economy by 2024.

He was on his way to a call for Gujarat University of Technology (GTU) here.

“Don’t be discouraged. This is only a time phase. I want to tell you that India will become a $5 trillion economy by 2024,” he said.

The MINISTER of the Union made the complaint even as India’s second-quarter GDP growth slowed to 4.5%, the weakest in more than six years.

“In the first 70 years, our economy grew to $2 trillion. In the first five years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule, he took it to $3 trillion,” he said.

“Don’t get confused with fake propaganda. You will be the biggest beneficiaries when India becomes a $5 trillion economy,” Shah told students who passed through the university.

“Some people say that poverty, hunger and illiteracy still exist in the country. But young people should not be desist with these claims. No one can stop a country that has a market of 130 crore people,” the Union’s minister said.

He urged graduate students to create research-oriented start-ups to solve India-specific problems, such as farmers being forced to burn crop stubble.

“Activists blame farmers for burning crop waste, saying they don’t understand the problem of pollution. The farmer takes nature and understands the problem, but has no solution,” Shah said.

“Our young people need to find a technological solution to the problem,” he said.

Technology can also change the way we manage our natural resources, the Minister of the Union said.

“The government is using space technology to map and manage our minerals and will boost the mining sector,” he said.

“There was a proposal to build publications on our borders. Prime Minister Modi suggested using satellite technology. Forty-five of these poles have been built using space technology to map the area on both our side and our neighbor.

“Now, the security agency says we won’t need to set up new positions for the next 20 years in that area,” Shah said.

The BJP president also urged young people to speak in their mother tongue.

“The media will mark me as regressive tomorrow, but I advise you to speak in our own languages. Talk to your friends in Indian language. It will save our culture and knowledge,” he said.

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